Excursions from Isla de la Juventud

We have designed excursions from Isla de La Juventud that will allow you to discover the diversity of its natural landscapes, as well as diving in the wonderful seabeds of Punta Francés Park.

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From Isla de la Juventud

Diving from El Colony

The International Diving Center El Colony is located in the southwest coast of Isla de la Juventud, the largest island on the Canarreos Archipielago and the second largest on the Cuban Archipielago. This will be the starting point for those who wish to behold the beautiful bottoms of the Marine Park Punta Francés, famous for its deep tunnels, canals and valleys, the great diversity of corals and rich sea fauna. Those who dive into its depths will be witnesses of a spectacular scenery.




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Duration: 7 hrs With transfer Pick up time: 9:00 hrs

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