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We have designed numerous excursions in Cuba, in all sorts of destinations, so you can explore the national history and culture, as well as enjoy the beach and other natural wonders. Day trips or excursions covering several days, complemented with visits to local restaurants to enjoy Cuban flavors, or night clubs where you can dance salsa all night long!

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From Playa Santa Lucía

Diving from Playa Santa Lucía

Santa Lucía beach, on the north coast of Camagüey, offers 20 km of white sands, crystal clear waters and a coral barrier that turn this destination into a paradise for diving in Cuba. The International Diving Center Shark´s Friends and 35 diving points near the coast, make this facility an excellent choice for diving in Santa Lucía and while you´re at it, take a dive with large-sized bull sharks.




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Duration: 2 hrs Without transfer Starting: 9:30 hrs / 13:00 hrs

From Playa Rancho Luna

Diving from Cienfuegos, Rancho Luna Beach

The diving area in Cienfuegos, at the south center of Cuba, is known for its coral barriers and crystal clear waters, ideal for underwater photography. The International Diving Center Faro Luna organizes all diving styles in the main diving points to enjoy “Cienfuego´s underwater gardens”, with 6 meters-tall corals and remnants of sunken ships.




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Duration: 2 hrs Without transfer Starting: 9:00 hrs / 11:00 hrs

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